Corinne DAUGER is a French artist, graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (Belgium) and at the Prado Studio of Madrid (Spain). Her work is fed by her repeated trips all over Europe, in the USA and Asia, as well as by her experience in the area of visual communication.

She takes inspiration from her passion for the urban architecture of the XXth century, the hitchcook filmography, the American photography and comic strips
Her artistic expression revolves around the contrast between the subtleness of natural light and the strength of well-structured spaces.
Her work comes across as elegant and feminine within spaces left deliberately open and uncluttered.

” I’m looking for harmony between light and structure: the perspective directs and focuses the attention through convergence lines carried by light; the light helps structure the space while providing sensibility and bringing out the volumes”.

Corinne Dauger works in France from her personal studio (Paris) and has been exhibiting in France and Europe since 2005; her work can be seen now at Galerie Art France, Avenue Matignon Paris 8 (France)